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Grooming & Sexual Exploitation

Unfortunately, some people go online to target children and teenagers for the wrong reasons, such as to groom them for sexual abuse.

Although under-18s are separate from adults on Yubo, some users might pretend to be younger and set up fake profiles to trick young people into speaking to them and, in some cases, meeting up in person. They might pay them lots of compliments or offer things like concert tickets and modelling opportunities to draw them into a conversation and gain their trust.

We have zero tolerance for the sexual exploitation of young people and work with law enforcement to take action against it.

Our advice
  • Discuss how anyone can see live streams on Yubo, not just their friends.
  • Get them to think carefully before filming themselves – broadcasting live from their bedroom or classroom could reveal their exact location to strangers, for example.
  • Look out for changes in your child’s or students’ behaviour. Are they increasingly secretive about the devices and apps they use? Do they go to their room as soon as they receive a message or get defensive when you ask them who they are talking to?
  • Encourage them to trust their instincts about people they meet online and to recognise that if what someone says to them seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If they feel uncomfortable about someone who has approached them on Yubo, report it to us immediately. We pass the details of any potentially criminal activity to law enforcement and agencies such as CEOP and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).