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Yubo is a social network where millions of young people around the world make new friends every day. Lots of teenagers use social apps to meet and interact with their peers and they love Yubo because it’s fun, interactive and easy to use. They get to meet new people, chat one-on-one or in groups and connect with other users through live video streaming.

We all know that young people like to experiment and push boundaries as they grow up – and that’s happening more and more in their digital spaces.

Here at Yubo, we understand that we have a special responsibility for our teenage users. We take this responsibility very seriously and have made safety a key priority. By having a minimum age limit of 13, ground rules and innovative safety tools, we aim to help reduce risk to young people, improve their digital awareness and safety skills and give them the best possible experience on the app.

How yubo works ?
  • Yubo is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.
  • Users set up a profile on the app, which includes their real name and a real photo. 13 to 18-year-olds must have parental permission and will join a separate Yubo community that is only for under-18s.
  • It’s easy to add new friends on Yubo – simply swipe right on someone’s profile picture and see if they do the same on yours – then chat with them or stream live videos.
Our approach to safety

Millions of teenagers all over the world are part of the Yubo community. Most of the time, they have a positive and fun experience but, just like in the real world, things can go wrong.

We’re committed to helping young people stay safer on Yubo and that includes helping them to deal with potential challenges and risks and looking out for other users.

  • We take a five-step approach to safety:

    1) Sign-up,
    2) Profile settings,
    3) Community guidelines,
    4) Technical tools & moderation,
    5) Blocking & reporting.

  • We’re one of the first social apps to use real-time intervention to educate and engage our users about online safety. For example, we provide a safety advice pop-up when someone enters a live stream and send notifications when we see someone breaking our community guidelines – we caution them if what they have done could place them or someone else at risk and explain what action we’re going to take.
  • We’ve invested in this Safety Centre and also created a downloadable Safety Guide for Parents, Carers and Educators to help you understand how young people use Yubo, provide online safety advice and make reporting any concerns as easy as possible.
  • We’ve produced Staying Safer on Yubo: A Guide for Teens, which we encourage you to share with your child or students.
How to use this website

Helping your child or students to stay safer online is hard enough so we’ve tried to keep things simple in our Safety Centre – as little technical jargon as possible and lots of links to further information and support.

  • Our Advice section highlights some of the main concerns you might have about your child or students using Yubo. From dealing with inappropriate language to peer pressure to bullying, find out how to help young people have a more positive experience on the app.
  • In Safety tools, you’ll learn about our five-step approach to safety, which includes community guidelines, innovative technology and human moderators.
  • Our Blog contains useful articles about our moderation tools and our guidelines.
  • If you need to report a concern or an emergency, go to our Help section. You’ll also find an extensive list of FAQs here.